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Discovery School Homework Help Confederation Of Canada

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For the map, the students are to: The entire expanse that we now know as "Canada" was at this time a loosely controlled collection of independent colonies of the British Empire. There was little communication between the colonies and little desire to interact or trade. The following link provides a good basic summary of life during this time: The entire documentary below is excellent, however focus on the part from 25 minutes to 30 minutes where the cable is laid and finally reaches Newfoundland.

It shows how arduous the task was and how much celebration there was around the world that the feat was accomplished. Unfortunately, this first transatlantic cable failed after the initial success, but it did prove that it was possible.

By , the technology had improved to the point that the messages could be sent almost ten times faster than the initial cable of Although this is after the era of history we are currently studying, it does provide a good idea of the hardships encountered by men trying to find gold and how the allure attracted immigrants from all over the world. I have provided a link to this here: To view the two assignments click on the following links: MysteryQuest 10 - Life in the Township http: Hardship or Prosperity http: Many Canadians felt that an American attack was imminent, and the Civil War did alot to enhance those fears.

Students are to complete the following questions in their notebooks: We completed this section by watching the animated hero classic on Harriet Tubman. This includes the story of Harriet Tubman's The Black Moses escape to the "Promised Land" and consequent return trip to assist her family in escaping as well. Animated Hero Classic - Abraham Lin coln. For the subsequent lessons, the following weblink may be helpful in understanding the desire of the independent colonies to unite into a Confederation.

On the other hand, many citizens feared that there was simply too much regionalism to really consider creating a country out of such independent colonies.

England's support of the colonies of BNA was waning by the 's, and many British politicians wanted the colonies to become less reliant on "the mother country".

As well, issues were arising within each of the colonies that required them to seek each other out in order to move forward politically, financially and militarily. Today the students began the process of examining the arguements that politician made to unite the colonies of BNA into a confederation. The students will look at the issues of: The notion being that, if united, the colonies would be able to share expenditures and militaries instead of relying so much on Britain. The following clip provides a brief synopsis of the Fenian attempts at capturing Canada.

I apologize in advance for the spelling errors during the clip. It was produced by a student, but the information is fine.

For some, the idea of change separating from Britain was not acceptable. In fact, many Maritime citizens feared their political voice would not be heard against the larger colonies of Canada West and Canada East. For others, the ongoing issues between the French and English in "the Canadas" was cause for concern.

Still others worried about the debt that would be incurred from trying to build a railway across such a large expanse of land. There was even some sentiment toward "the Canadas" uniting with the USA. There was also a concern about trying to defend such a long unprotected border. Today the students examined the arguements against Confederation. They were asked to complete a series of questions that looked at the case against Confederation. They also received a sheet that summarized the arguments against Confedration.

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Canada can trace its emergence as a nation to three historic conferences held between and At these conferences, political leaders who later came to be known as the Fathers of Confederation laid the groundwork for the creation of the Dominion of Canada. Their push for confederation allowed Canada to develop from what was once a loose grouping of British colonies into its present-day. Confederation Day July 1, – Canada first became a nation – BNA Act 4 British colonies joined to form the new Dominion of Canada Ontario, Quebec, Nova.