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Essay on the earthquakes in Pakistan

Essay on Earthquake

❶March 28,, a strong earthquake of the magnitude of 8.

Essay on earthquake in pakistan – Mount Triglav

Short Essay on Earthquake
List of earthquakes in Pakistan – Wikipedia
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The people that make a durable difference in the world are not the people who have mastered many things, but who have been mastered by one great thing. With news slowly trickling down from different areas, soon the news spread that Azad Kashmir had been the worst hit, followed by NWFP, next to the Afghan border. The next day brought terrible pain and anguish to yet more many people of Azad Kashmir who had gone to work in the big cities but returned to their home villages to find them razed to the ground.

The devastating earthquake hit the residents of Azad Kashmir in many ways. Unlike Muzzafarabad and Bagh districts, the disaster had stolen shelter virtually from every single inhabitant of Rawalakot. Rawalakot seemed to wear the look of a devastated place. However, the destruction was not as dramatic and anguishing as it was in Muzaffarabad. The tremors were as deadly as they could be, regardless of the fact that the impact came in a different shape. With entire suburban population heading to the town in hope of relief, more danger of disease was at hand with some 20, bodies decaying underneath the rubble and over countless injured living in the worst unhygienic conditions.

There was no power supply. Telephone lines were dead and no diesel or petrol was available to run any vehicle. In such a calamity the medical staff could do nothing more than minor surgery, bandage and administering anti-biotic injections.

The patients were scattered all over the ground with some lying on the cots brought from home — a few lucky ones on hospital beds, yet others on pull carts and many simply on the ground.

It is estimated that about one thousand hospitals were destroyed in the earthquake in Pakistan, severely hampering urgent medical treatment for thousands of injured people. The only public library in the area of Kashmir was completely destroyed in the magnitude of 7. The Khurshid National Library in Muzaffarabad, near the epicenter of the quake, apparently fell into one of two huge crevasses that opened up suddenly within the city.

A large proportion of the help came in the form of providing Pakistan with the services of International NGOs. Natural calamities are events which could not be stopped however certain precautions could be taken by countries. The earthquake of taught Pakistan few lessons in this regard. While constructing buildings and homes certain codes need to be enforced to ensure that proper earthquake proof material is being used.

Earthquakes occur and they would continue to do so but it is necessary that Governments accept responsibility and take precautionary steps to deal with such extraordinary situations. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you.

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This essay on Earthquake covers it’s all aspects in Pakistan in English that is easy to translate in Urdu to. Since the birth, this country is facing different problems in .

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Short essay on Earthquake in Pakistan Advertisements: Although various parts of the countries receive jolts throughout the year their magnitude is not much to .

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Essay on recent earthquake in pakistan China pakistan when a child s party ppp. Comments with our essays and minds and tsunami vol. M w magnitude on earthquakes in this case: struggles, the ess. Includes information about 20, quakes, essay kashmir has news, business, pakistan and pentagon papers , Earthquake activity in Pakistan is mainly concentrated in the north and western sections of the country, along the boundary of the Indian plate and the Iranian and Afghan micro-plates. The Chaman Fault runs along Pakistan’s western frontier with Afghanistan from Kalat, in the northern Makran range, past Quetta and then on to Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Get access to Earthquake In Pakistan Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at. Essay on the earthquakes in Pakistan. Earthquake is a shaking or trembling of earth that is the result of the temperature inside the earth is increased up to some fixed values the volcanoes burst and as a result the earth of that areas begun to shake or tremble.