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Feminism in Literature The Feminist Movement in the 20th Century - Essay

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❶History shows us through what pain and suffering were going women before us, and many of them fought to gain the freedom that we have today. This wave encouraged women to understand aspects of their personal lives and deeply politicized, and reflective of a sexists structure of power.

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Many of them were women, also there were no rights in slaves, servants and poor contracts. The starting point of the long struggle for rights of women in the U. As the basis of the document was taken the U. Anthony fought for the adoption of constitutional amendments that would have given the rights for both women and blacks.

When 14 and 15 amendments were adopted, which expanded the rights of blacks and men, but did not include the relevant paragraphs on the rights of women, Stanton and Anthony created a National Woman Suffrage Association, which opposed the 15 amendment and took only women in their numbers.

But also there was another group, the American Woman Suffrage Association, which supported the 15th amendment and considered it a necessary step to expand voting rights. Hartmann By the beginning of the XX century there were numerous women rights organizations: All of these trends, each in its own way, helped the woman, anyway, to get used to her new role in the society.

Feminism is a set of beliefs in social, political, psychological and economic equality of both genders. Though the philosophy underlying feminism had been present long ago, it took the form of a proper movement in the s.

This was the period when law began to change regarding women rights and women were thought to be as equals of men rather than inferior to men. Various topics fall in the domain of feminism. Some of these include: While writing feminism essays, following tips must be kept in mind: It is different from women rights. It is focused on equal rights for both men and women.

Make sure that you do not take sides while writing. Today, the feminist movement continues to grow. Women and men around the world join together for equal rights and fair treatment. Although much has changed, feminists, regardless of which wave they claim to belong to, still fight for the equality of women everywhere. The movement has come a long way since the 18th Century, and it has only to grow. As it is probably clear from our history many of our demands have still not been met.

Even now, as we enter into the twenty-first century, and the thought that Hilary Clinton might become the first woman president. Political parties are beginning to recognize the importance of female voters, more and more and the labor movements are pushing for a minimum wage.

It took 70 years for women to get voting rights, some even gave their lives for it and in many countries it is still being fought for. These movements have granted women like you as well as I to be who we are today. The feminist movement brought about many equal rights for women as well as a common bond for the entire female race. They have allowed us to act opening and think broadly.

They have given opportunities that were once not there. They have allowed me to voice my opinion and speak how I feel. They have allowed me to issue a ballot in whose going to be the next city official, or, mayor, or even president of the United States.

It has allowed me to get a job and work. Take your opportunities to vote. These movements has granted access so that I or any other women who wanted too, to run for president, to be the next mayor , either way I now have bodily integrity and liberation. I can now hold a position in a public office. I can own my own property. I can go to school and receive an education. And last but not least I now have marital, parental and religious rights. So with that being said the Feminist Movement has granted women today more rights, privileges and we also were given equal rights to that of a man.

In conclusion, Feminism deals with challenging rather than accommodating to what individuals are told by society is the right or wrong way. It is standing up for yourselves and individuals taking pride in what they do. The women and men seen and understood their relation to the world rather to just go along with what they thought was wrong. Feminism is a movement away from historically conventional norms to a more exposed and equal way of living. Feminism is a movement which has been incredibly important to the success and failures of the United States and has been a necessary journey for the women in our country to travel upon so that they can discover and create their own unique place in society.

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- Western feminism and development Western feminism started mainly emphasizing on women’s role in development during the s what is known as the “Second Wave” .

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Essay on The Feminist Movement in History Words | 5 Pages. The Feminist Movement in History I interviewed my mother for the Oral History project. I did not know the extent of her involvement with the feminist movement nor did I know if she had even strong feelings about the issues involved.

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The feminist movement in the United States and abroad was a social and political movement that sought to establish equality for women. The movement transformed the . Feminism is a movement that seek to achieve equality and social rights for women in all key areas which includes education, personal, economic, employment, and cultural sphere of human endeavours.

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Feminist Movement. Feminist Movement movements are those that advocate and fight tirelessly for the rights and freedoms of the women and girls. Feminist movements are also effective for fighting for rights of children in the societies. Apr 23,  · The Feminist Movement consists of three waves. The first wave of feminism known as the Suffrage Movement, took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, emerging out of an atmosphere of urban industrialism and liberal, socialist, and politics. The goal of the first wave was to open up opportunities for women, with a .