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❶If they refuse to do so, they will be forced to starve to death.

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And it sure as hell doesn't help that we are opening up new fast food joints everyday. You can find a McDonalds at nearly every corner.

We are making it way to convient to get fattening greasy food. Even when people are unhappy with their weight, they end up eating more to supress the feeling. Our countries economy relies greatly on the food and health industry. It's like we purposely make people fat and then try to sell them into losing the weight. It's a crazy system and it's about time we took drastic and harsh steps to stop it once and for all. Call us crazy, but we think that if your obese, you should have your mouth sewn shut and be fed through an IV until your at a respectable weight.

This may sound outrageous to some people, but it sure will get their attention. If we do this, people might start taking this problem seriously, and start caring about their health and well-being. People need to realize that there are others who go to bed hungry nearly everyday.

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Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Transcript of Obesity Satire 2 How to solve the pandemic known as Obesity. Obesity Solution 2 Solution 4 One of the best ways to end obesity is to have hundreds of over weight people on their own hamster wheel where they will run twelve hours a day with only six breaks.

So they lose weight and they also will be hooked up to a generator to produce electricity. Solution 5 Solution 3 A great solution to end obesity is to send all overweight people to camps, where they will be whipped into shape. There will be fat camps all across the world. When a person completes their rehabilitation, they will be given physical labor jobs to ensure they never become obese again.

The solution I propose is to have all fat people shipped away on to an abandoned island. On the abandoned island all fat people will have to fend for themselves. When the resources run out they will have to fight each other and be compelled to eat each other or die.

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Obesity in Saudi Arabia Today, the obesity problem is much of a concern for so many people all over the world. Obesity has caused a lot of talk among the world, in addition it is ranked as a serious disease. So what is obesity and what do we need to know about it. In Saudi Arabia today, obesity has become an enormous problem. In the past few years, .

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Obesity also leads to many health consequences as an estimated , deaths a year is due to obesity, which is right after the deaths of tobacco.

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Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Obesity: The Physical and Emotional Problems - Society should consider the physical and emotional problems of . -Satire Essay Obesity has become one of the number one causes of death in the United States. In the last 20 years alone there has been a dramatic increase.

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Below is an essay on "Obesity Satire" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Everywhere I look it seems that most people are doing everything they can to get to the perfect size and shape/5(1). Nov 28,  · Childhood Obesity Ronnika Cooper Eng Andrea Pfaff June 25, Childhood Obesity In this research I am prepared to give you facts and knowledge .