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Community Policing Essay

Community Based Policing: Speech

❶All of them are motivated by the vision of creating, secure, stable and healthy neighborhoods enlisting participation of both official members of state and local citizens Skogan, Peak and Glensor

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Community and Problem Solving Policing Essay Sample
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Implementing Community-Oriented Policing, however, is not an easy task. It requires several different factors to be in place first before the Community-Oriented Policing may be implemented as a part of the strategic goals of the police department. Since it changes the overall-philosophy and even the organizational structure of the police department it is essential that the every member of the police department from the patrol officer to the chief of police should be sold to the idea of a change in the police department.

It must be stressed that change is not easy to deal with especially on the part of the police officers who may have been performing the same kind of tasks for decades. Resistance to change is something that the consultant will have to incorporate in his strategy. However, the only way to fight the resistance among members of the police department is to display the right leadership. Change will not start from the bottom of the organizational structure.

Change will start from the local chief executive who should be able to convince every member of the police department that the Community-Oriented Policing will work for the best of every member of the organization and even the public that they are serving. Moreover, resistance may also come from the local communities whom the police are serving.

This is mainly because of the failure of the police organization to put a stop to crime or to involvement of some erring police officers in crime. It will take some time before the police organization may be able to re-establish trust and create a meaningful relationship with the public. However, once this trust is re-established, it will create a strong foundation that will help make the community-oriented policing more effective. The Pontiac Police Department has started to realize the benefits of active community involvement in the Community Oriented Policing in terms of modifying the conditions within the community that encourages criminal behavior.

It enhances the opportunity by which the community is able to fight crime or reduce the opportunity for crime to take place. The consultant will also have to find a way so that every member of the police department will be committed to the new approach. It must be stressed that community-oriented policing is not just one program of the police department. Rather, the community-oriented policing requires a change in the attitude and mind-set among the police officers.

It is also a reality that some of the local police force does not have the sufficient number of personnel, equipment and fund necessary to effectively implement the community-oriented policing. Porterville Police Department is one such police department which has one of the smallest units in Tulare County , California.

For this reason, it is essential for the local chief of police to be able to sell the community-oriented policing to the mayor and the legislative representatives. It is therefore very essential that the local chief of police to be able to seek assistance from individuals who have the power to grant them the needed funding. When the local chief of police has convinced these individuals then mobilization of resources will be a lot easier for the members of the police force.

Non-government agencies and organizations can also serve as a vital component in the Community-Oriented Policing. These agencies and organizations do not only have the manpower but they also have an existing organization that can help the police department to disseminate various information. For instance, fire emergencies are better handled by the members of the fire personnel. The first step in the implementation of a Community-Oriented Policing is to make a plan of how the Community-Oriented Policing will be implemented.

One of the components of the Planning is the identification of tasks and the timelines which the members of the police department will need to meet. Planning also involves making an analysis of the Porterville Police Department to determine the extent of change that will have to be made. On the other hand, traditional policing dictates rules and law to the public but are not on the ground to work with the community.

They ensure that they respond quickly in case of a crime and this is a measure of their success. They also focus on identification of criminals, apprehending and prosecuting them.

Traditional policing apprehends the criminals using the evidence that is collected at the crime scene. Both community and traditional policing complement each other.

Community policing is aimed at ensuring that crimes rates are reduced through engaging the society to enter into gainful employment. Their work is to ensure that people live well with one another, while traditional policing is able to come in and assist in areas where crimes have been done by gathering evidence to assist them to apprehend criminals and take them to court to answer charges. The strategy of community policing is a design that may displace traditional policing.

Further, community policing is aimed at ensuring that people engage in constructive work. This strategy is aimed at reducing the rates of crimes hence slowly doing away with the traditional policing.

Once the rate of crime reduces, traditional policing will have no role to play. Community policing strategy is constructed to help in creating organizational ethical behaviors. Community policing is a force that does not cause anxiety in the community, but perform their duties diligently by relating well with the members of the community.

Therefore, they assist the community members especially the youths with ideas and this makes them shun away from involvement in criminal activities. The major role of community policing is to ensure that society upholds to positive behaviors and moral standards. It helps to foster moral behaviors among the people. People should be able to live well with others and also show respect. Community policing is not concerned about the number of arrests they make but the magnitude at which they are able to change and transform the society into a better society.

Therefore, this policing organization is built and performs its functions based on ethical standards. Policing in America p. Ortmeier, PJ and Edwin Meese Leadership, Ethics and Policing; 2nd edition.

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Free Essay: On the matter of community policing, I believe that the police force plays a big role. This is based on implementing the various strategies.

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Community Policing is a strategy developed to aid in the war on crime. Find out more in the essay sample provided here below.

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