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The Diary of Anne Frank Lesson Plans for Teachers

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Q&A

❶Who was Anne Frank? He claimed that Germany's problems and the decline in its power were the fault of Jews and radicals, and that the German, or Aryan, race was the Master Race, the creators of all civilization, and fitted by nature to rule the world.

Study Guide for 'The Diary of Anne Frank' the Play

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Anne and her family, along with four other Jews, hid in the Secret Annex in the building where Mr. Frank formerly had his office. To reach the Secret Annex, the family ascended the staircase from Why does Anne thinks that she will be a strong person one day? Explain your answer with examples. Anne already knows that she is a strong person. She has to be to endure the constant fear, dangers, and privations of life in the secret annex. Anne's personality, despite her tender years, and Why was Margot forbidden to cough at night?

Anne and her family are in hiding for a reason. As Jews they are in grave danger in their own country, and at risk of being sent away to a prison camp if anyone should know that they are still What were the atrocities committed against the Jews in Nazi Germany? Jews in Nazi Germany were beaten and abused at the start of the Nazi regime in Germany in However, the Nuremberg Laws of formally stripped them of their citizenship.

During World War II, Explain the festivals celebrated by the Franks and others in the annex. Despite being forced to hide in the annex, the Franks and the others there are able to celebrate a number of holidays. One of the more significant festivals that they celebrate is Hanukkah What did she like about him and why? Anne's very much daddy's little girl. She absolutely adores her father, Otto, and her love is fully reciprocated.

Anne instinctively turns to her father for comfort. It's notable, for example, that A character sketch is a brief description of a character. The word "sketch" should make you think of art, where an artist rapidly creates a design. It doesn't have to include many details, and it Comment on the idea that "History seems to have been made very personal in The Diary of a Young The experience of reading Anne Frank's diary is quite a bit different than reading about the same events in a history textbook.

Reading about war, battles, and, in this case, the Holocaust is Anne is emotionally close to her father, Otto. She's very much daddy's little girl, and the two get along famously. Anne loves her father dearly, and her love is fully reciprocated. How does Anne justify being boisterous and reckless most of the time? Anne, being the youngest and most spirited resident in hiding, makes no excuses for her actions, even though she is well aware that often she annoys many of the others.

Her behavior is typical of a What are the qualities of "Second Anne" that are revealed to us? How is she different from Anne calls it her "better," "purer," "deeper," and "finer" side.

This part of Anne makes her grieve over the pain of people she What advice did Mr. Frank give Anne regarding her growing friendship with Peter? After Anne tells her father that she and Peter have physical contact, he tells her it's not wise for them to be more than friends.

He advises her to behave cautiously and make sure she and Peter In Anne Frank's diary, written while she was in hiding between the dates of June 12, , and August 4, , she clearly states that the diary is her best friend and confidante. In fact, at the The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, hated the Jews; they believed that they were an inferior race of people responsible for all the world's problems.

Once he came to power, Hitler systematically Why did Anne Frank feel lonely and neglected? Anne Frank feels lonely and neglected throughout her time in the Secret Annex because she receives very little support from the others who are in hiding. Her older sister and her mother do not In her diary entry for May 3rd, , Anne reflects upon the futility of war.

She really doesn't see the point of it all, and wonders, as so many others have done throughout history, just why it is After reading her diary until chapter 1, what impression can we make about Anne? Questions asking for subjective answers are based upon a personal understanding and "relationship" with a text and character. Subjective answers will differ from one reader to the next. Is Anne the only one who is afraid of the gunshots at night?

Anne is not the only one who is afraid of the sounds of the war, particularly at night. In a humorous incident, Mrs. How does Anne describe the terrible events that were happening outside? How did the developments Anne Frank described the terrible events occurring outside of the Annex; she felt that one day she and her family would be destroyed by the war.

Still, she remained hopeful that the evil Van Daan important to Anne Frank? The Diary of a Young Girl is a true story about persisting. Anne Frank documents her life as she writes in her diary, which she has named Kitty. Anne and her family have gone into hiding into the How do Anne and her mother not get along with each other?

Anne Frank and her mother, Edith Frank, were often at odds because Anne believed that her mother preferred Anne's sister, Margot, over Anne. One example of this is when Anne says, "I feel myself What precautions must the Franks and van Daans take to remain undiscovered in the annex? The Diary of Anne Frank, as the title tells us, is the true-life diary of Anne Frank, who spent years in hiding with her family in an attempt to stay alive and not be taken away by the Nazis.

What surprisingly nice thing does Mrs. Anne's descriptions of Mrs. She generally refers to Mrs. It is fair to say that the relationship between Anne and her mother is not particularly close. Anne's diary is full of examples of conflict between them. It is not simply that they get on each How have Anne's entries in the diary changed in April ?

In April , a couple of intruders break into the office. In the process, they break a plank to the door that leads to the secret hiding place where Anne lives such a precarious existence with Why do the Franks immigrate to Holland? The Franks were Jewish. Anne worries that she talks too much, but he likes her cheerfulness. She wants to help him overcome his loneliness. She hears that they will be making a collection of diaries and letters after the war, and wants to publish her diary.

She has faith that God will raise them out of suffering, and that one day, the world will learn from the Jews. She is often downcast, but never in despair. She writes Daddy a letter about how he did not help her through her struggle to find herself, and he is so upset that she feels guilty and realizes that she was wrong. They are horrified to hear about antisemitism in Holland.

Sometimes they go hungry, but even at their worst, they still have hope and are able to find cheerful moments. On D-Day, the English land on the French coast. There is great discussion about the hope of liberation, and they have fresh courage and strength.

Anne celebrates her fifteenth birthday. She wishes she could look at nature more often, and not through a dirty window. Many cities have fallen to the Allies, and the mood is optimistic.

She becomes disappointed in Peter. She does not want him to lean on her. She wonders how she has held onto her ideals in the face of all the cruelty of war. She still believes that people are really good at heart.

She has a deeper, purer side that no one knows. She worries that people think she is superficial. With this, her diary ends, for on August 4, , the Secret Annexe was raided and they were taken away to German and Dutch concentration camps.

Browse all BookRags Book Notes. View the Study Pack. View the Lesson Plans. These free notes consist of about 59 pages 17, words and contain the following sections: She names it Kitty. There is an announcement that Italy has surrendered. This gives them hope for peace. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Diary of Anne Frank. Follow Us on Facebook.

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Primary Homework Help. Britain Since the s. by Mandy Barrow Through her diary "The Diary of Anne Frank", Anne called her diary 'Kitty'. Anne Frank did not become famous until after her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and after the liberation of all concentration camps. Otto Frank, the only surviving member of the.

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The Diary of Anne Frank, as the title tells us, is the true-life diary of Anne Frank, who spent years in hiding with her family in an attempt to stay alive and not be taken away by the Nazis. Anne.

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Anne Frank Stichting, Amsterdam (–45), Dutch diarist. One of the most famous Jewish victims of the Holocaust, Anne Frank penned one of the world’s most powerful accounts of Jewish life during World War frogvorskdwq.gagh Anne’s diary did not pertain directly to the Holocaust, its readers became personally acquainted with one of the millions of . Get an answer for 'In "The Diary of Anne Frank," what is the theme of the person Anne Frank?' and find homework help for other The Diary of Anne Frank questions at eNotes.

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Homework solved! Step-by-step answers to all your high school and college homework FREE! So you'll be alright; you'll make it through another night. About Anne Frank and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was something very sad that happened during World War II and many millions of people were hurt or killed. A girl named Anne Frank wrote in a diary about what it was like to live during this time, and when we read that today we can understand what others like Anne and her family .