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KIPS 2nd Year English Essay Notes 2016 PDF


❶The Horrors of War The Coalition Politics 7.


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Important English Essays For 12th Class 2018 2nd Year Topics

Here are the great opportunities are available for females join Pakistan Army as captain lady …. Your email address will not be published. Haider April 26, at 3: Haroosh ul aryan April 20, at 9: Hamza noor April 26, at 8: Ayesha April 14, at Ali saad October 19, at 7: Shan October 20, at Nimra Sohail May 6, at 4: Nobody can deny the importance of leisure in life.

Rest is as important as work. Since we have very little leisure in life today, we must know how to make the best use of it. Leisure can, in that case, become a source of real pleasure. Hobby is an interesting pastime. It is a pursuit which we undertake in leisure for pleasure and for profit. The aim of hobby is not to earn money thought it may bring money indirectly. But different people amuse themselves with different hobbies.

For example, my hobby may be story-writing whereas for another person it may be a profession. There are many kinds of hobbies. One of them is collecting stamps and coins. Some people collect flowers and leaves. Some like gardening and clay-modelling. Some are fond of indoor games like chests and cards. Young men like outdoor games such as cricket, hockey or football. Hobbies not only provide pleasure but also educate the mind.

I have two hobbies. My first hobby is gardening. There is a big compound outside my house. On one side, I have made a small garden. I have made many beds of flowers. In the spring season, my garden is full of beautiful flowers. I have a separate plot for vegetables—carrots , potatoes, etc.

I dig the earth with a space. IN the evening, I water the plants and remove the weeds. I sit under the trees and read my books. It is very pleasant to sit there. My second hobby is photography. I have small camera. I take snaps of nearby sights. I develop my photographs at my own place. For this purpose, I have made a small dark room. I send my photos to different papers and magazines, so I get some money. Photography is a very paying hobby. I want to paint life as it is. I hope to succeed in this object.

I plan to arrange an exhibition of my photographs in the surrounding villages and cities. Recreation is not the only aim of hobbies. They give us knowledge which we do not get from textbooks. One should not, therefore, remain idle. Hobbies are pursuits of spare time. They are followed when people are free from their routine occupational work. Hobbies are for pleasure, recreation and mental refreshment thus, a hobby is totally different from an occupation. An occupation is a source of income and sustenance.

One earns ones bread and butter by following some trade or occupation. But hobbies are followed in spare time for their own sake. They are gainful but not in economical sense. They are never a source of earning money. That is why what might be an occupation for you, might be a hobby for me.

You may be a professional football-player, but I may play football just for pleasure alone and no other consideration. Hobbies are essential to keep us fit, refreshed and relaxed. Hobbies provide a welcome change and relief from routine a pursuit. Schools should not require their students to wear uniforms because dressing the same as everyone else stifles a student's ability to be creative.

All the following sentences in that paragraph should revolve around the topic of student creativity and how uniforms inhibit it. Your conclusion final paragraph should begin by restating your three-part thesis statement in slightly different wording. Summarize your key points, then leave the reader with a meaningful observation about why this issue is important. Following this format, your introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion will make a well-structured essay.

By the time you are a senior in high school, you should be able to write an essay according to whatever format is asked of you i. With that being said, the thesis statement can be, and usually is, included in the first paragraph. The introductory paragraph describes the issues that you will be discussing while also presenting your strong opinion in one sentence and written in 3rd person Don't use "I" or "you".

Strong theses generally state that an issue should be addressed in a certain way without identifying yourself with a personal pronoun. Topic sentences are the main sentences presented in each following paragraph after the introduction. They can give you a focus of what to write about in each paragraph so you don't go off topic and discuss another issue at the same time.

This can confuse a reader. Topic sentences guide the discussion of each paragraph, basically. For example, if the second paragraph will be about elephants, then don't start talking about tigers in that paragraph; save tigers for the third paragraph, instead. Remember, too, that the concluding paragraph can touch on all of the main points again as long as you drive home the main reason why you discussed them in the first place.

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Important English Essays For 12th Class Inter 2nd Year Complete List of all the Important English Essay topics for 2nd year annual examination is available here.

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Home» English Essay on various topics, current issues and general issues for Class 10, 12 and Other Classes. English Essay on various topics, current issues and general issues for Class 10, 12 and Other Classes.

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You have become tired of finding KIPS English Essay Notes on the internet, but you haven't got. If you're looking for the same, you have come to the right place. Oct 16,  · Important English Essays For 12th Class 2nd Year Topics Confirm English intermediate 2nd year Essays solved questions important topic .