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Persuasive Essay- Paying College Athletes

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❶Athletes have very good built in connections in the workforce. I also feel if most professional sports require at least one year of college, even when athletes could clearly make the jump to the pros, then they should at least get some compensation for their time spent at the college when they could have been making money.

Many of the best hockey players choose the major junior route. They choose this because they can be paid, but mostly they can have an agent and make the process to the pros a lot easier.

For baseball players many highly talented players go straight to the minors of the MLB where they can offer huge signing bonuses and make the climb up to the big show easier. The NCAA recruiting process sets up some players to fail. For big time athletic programs the athletes get special treatments by the admissions process to get them into the school Eitzen.

The athletes are usually less prepared for college and are in the bottom quarter of the freshman class. Most guys coming into a big time division 1 school think they do not need to get a degree because they will go pro. Lastly the rules and regulations the NCAA players need to abide by have some players living under the poverty line.

In this study they found that most college athletes are living under the poverty line. It also shows that colleges are making multi millions off their athletic programs but their athletes are barley getting thru. College player are allowed to use food stamps and receive welfare.

While playing at Duke they won two national championships and averaged almost a million dollars of income each year While Blankeney and his teammates were barely making ends meet the college was profiting off their work. The rules and regulation can cause many problems for athletes but some say the rules and regulations are good for the players. There are people that argue that changing the rules is not necessary. Most Division 1 athletes receive scholarships, which allow them to go to school for free.

This is a fair exchange for the athletic services provided. Jason Whitlock a columnist for the Kansas City Star and host for radio talk shows says in an article he wrote for espn. The athletes need to realize what they have in front of them a free exceptional education and a spot in the lime light.

These positives should be enough for a college student. Another argument against changing the rules is most college students have to work as much as they can during the school year not only to pay for school but other bills. These students usually end up with huge amounts of debt when they graduate and for athletes they have none.

In an article Paul Daugherty wrote for sports illustrated he writes about how college athletes should be thankful for the opportunity to play. College athletes are some of the best athletes around the world and knowing they will get noticed they have no need to get a resume together like the students around them their resume is their ability on the court.

With this resume they are often treated like kings staying in first class hotels, charted jets, and playing in championship games receiving items from the games sponsor. Secondly, college sports serve to give students extracurricular activities to help them through the difficult academic life.

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Cunningham Wins the Title For the Titans. Get in the Game. This article has 13 comments. Email me when someone replies. Most college atheletes have scholorships to go to their specific college, that alone should be enough pay for them.

But when the die heart fans purchase their ticket and walk through the stadium entrance, who are they coming to see? Are they coming to see the coach? No, they are there supporting the players who have worked so hard.

During the course of the season the colleges make millions, meanwhile the players receive nothing. Players should be reimbursed for their time spent under the bright lights of the stadium defending their school, and doing what they love.

Most fans come to see the game, not to admire the architecture of the stadium, or to eat the unhealthy concessions. People wait in lines for hours on end just to get tickets to see the players, not the coaches therefore the players should be give the profits gained from the sporting events, deducting the proceeds that should rightfully go to concessions and stadium staff.

Scandals like this not only risk ruining the reputations of the players, but the reputations of the universities as well.

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Free College Essay Persuasive Essay- Paying College Athletes. Salaries in College College athletes juggle busy academic schedules and practice schedules all throughout their 3/5(2).

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- College Sports: Paying Division One Athletes A huge debate has been on the rise lately relating to why division one athletes should get paid on top of obtaining a scholarship. The proposal states that . Paying College Athletes MAG By John L., Destrehan, LA A new American dream of making a huge living in sports at both the collegiate and professional level is rapidly growing.

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Paying College Athletes Essay Words 6 Pages The college athletes of their respective sports today, have the opportunity of showcasing their talents in competition on local and national programming on a regular basis which has lately brought attention this controversy, paying college athletes. Paying College Athletes Every single year, thousands of student athletes across the United States sign the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Form a, the “Student Athlete” form, which defers their right to receive payment for the use of their name and image (McCann).