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Science projects on paper towels

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❶Have two people hold each side of the piece over a sink or container. I tested the contenders five times each.

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Wet Strength
Science Fair Projects That Use Paper Towels

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Place each of the remaining seeds inside its own folded paper towel, then place each of the paper towels on its own plate. 5. Water the paper towels and soil cups until wet (not soaking) and place all the seeds in a warm, dark room.

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After testing all of my products, Bounty was the strongest paper towel. No other paper towel brand came close to the weight Bounty was able to hold which was an average of 2, grams or about pounds. The brand that came in second was Brawny which was only able to hold an average of 1, grams or about pounds.

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Performing the Paper Towel Experiment Hypothesis “More expensive brands of paper towel are more absorbent.” What You Will Need for the Paper Towel Experiment. At least four brands of absorbent paper towel; A stopwatch; A beaker; A graduated cylinder; A funnel; Method. Fill the beaker up with exactly ml of water; Take a sheet of the first brand of towel. If you want to know the strength of various brands of paper towels, you do not need a commercial to show you their take. Instead, do your own experiments at home and make your own educated decision. Purchase three to four different brands and then get home and start your various tests to find the strongest paper towel.

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Two of the most basic science fair projects with paper towels involve figuring out which brand of paper towel is the best quality. Of course, the definition of “the best quality" can differ based on how the paper towel is being used. One person may prefer the most absorbent paper towel, whereas another may prefer the strongest paper towel. Purpose If the brands of Viva, Bounty, Brawny, Scott, and Sparkle are tested for strength, then I believe that Bounty will prove to be the strongest. In a recent study, The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested paper towels and named Bounty the winner of the strength test.