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When writing to advise, you set out the facts in an authoritative, helpful manner and then politely make suggestions based on these facts. Which of the following is an example of writing advice? A newspaper editorial arguing against a recent government decision. A leaflet explaining the benefits of choosing a particular brand of flea spray.

A magazine article detailing a week's menu of healthy eating. An article on the Internet entitled 'How to get out of debt'. A good question to ask yourself is 'could this article have been written in response to someone who needs help?

People in debt are in need of help, which the writer of this article will give through information, instructions and helpful suggestions. Considering the answer to the last question, for which audience would this have been written?

Parents of young children. People struggling with money issues. People who wish to lose weight. Considering the answer to question four, which tone would be most appropriate? Which type of verb is most suitable when writing advice?

It's good to phrase advice using modal verbs could, should, would, might, must. Imperative verbs can sound too forceful i. Which of the following is true? You should never use the second person you when writing to advise. You may use first, second, or third person when writing to advise. With purpose and audience in mind, you can decide whether it is more appropriate to use second or third person i.

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English Year 9 Writing. KS 3 Curriculum topic: Consider Purpose of Own Writing Difficulty level: Try to spend 45 minutes on this task. Use your own experience or your imagination to help you to write this. Writing mark scheme based on National Curriculum levels.

Overall, the texts they produce are skilful and enjoyable to read. Writing is shaped for imaginative effect. Use a strong introduction which lays out your advice in simple terms, showing that you are able to communicate with and advise people from all walks of life. One of the most helpful techniques for this style of essay writing is to read through your essay at the end and ask yourself how well advised you would feel upon reading it.

If you are unconvinced by one of the points, then you know that is the area you need to make clearer. Writing to advise 18th June Recent Articles How often should you reference?

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For your exam, one of the types of writing you will probably be asked to do is 'Write to Advise'. This is very similar to Writing to Explain and Writing to Inform (which are covered on other parts of this web site - see the links above).

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE English. Tips on writing to advise.

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Amongst the various essay writing styles you might be asked to adopt, one of the most subtle is writing to advise. Here are some tips to help you out. A powerpoint exploring the conventions of advice writing. Looks at examples, a step by step guide to plan your writing and success criteria/5(17).

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In this worksheet, students complete a writing task to advise. The task can be marked by an adult with the aid of the mark scheme included. Writing to advise is a style of writing which incorporates some elements of several other styles, such as writing to inform, to explain, or even to instruct. This makes it a tricky style to master, but it is worth practising because writing to advise comes up frequently in .