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❶Make sure you can back up any training listed with the appropriate certificates if requested. While you will find the head offices of big oil businesses in major cities, a lot of the main working centers are in developing countries.

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A role in this sector might need specialist skills or experience, so a regular version of your CV may not adequately sell you to a potential recruiter. Increase your chances of recruitment success in the oil and gas sector with these five crucial enhancements. Use a technical CV format The oil and gas industry has opportunities for almost any type of candidate, but there are key areas of technical expertise that are always high in demand.

The nature of exploration and production means that energy companies are always on the lookout for people with qualifications in electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering.

To apply for roles that demand these skills, use a technical CV format. This places details of your technical qualifications right at the beginning of the document so that a recruiter sees them straight away.

Check if the role has any specific requirements, and make it clear that you meet these needs in the first paragraph of the document.

Highlight your mobility and willingness to travel Roles in the oil and gas industry are often available in some of the remotest parts of the world. While you will find the head offices of big oil businesses in major cities, a lot of the main working centers are in developing countries.

Oil and gas recruiters will want to see evidence that you are willing to travel, and you should highlight any earlier roles where you have worked in remote locations. A lot of oil and gas jobs need highly skilled, dedicated people. Recruiters are looking for candidates that can show their commitment to this industry, and this applies whether you are fresh from college, or if you are an experienced professional. Your personal summary or profile describes your experience to date, and outlines what you want to do next.

If you are looking for work as a consultant within the Oil and Gas industry then this site should be your first port of call! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the oc99 website. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. CV Writing Guide Despite a perceived skills shortage in the oil and gas industry, the market for contractors and consultants is still highly competitive.

Leaving out details about a job you have worked on, or experience you have gained, no matter how small you think they may be, could result in someone else being chosen for the position instead of you. Through our extensive experience of working with clients in the oilfield industries we realise that there is a standard preferred format for CVs.

This layout makes it easier for the client to identify your key abilities and experience at a glance and allows you to demonstrate quickly and clearly why you are more suitable for this vacancy over the other candidates who have applied.

Your statement is a great opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. Use it to sum up your career and experience to date but keep it concise, a maximum of 3 -4 short paragraphs.

Make sure anything you mention in your statement is fully explained in the relevant job description, for example, if you mention you have experience with IRDV in your statement you should also include a job description that explains exactly what the task involved later in your CV.

Your career history should be broken down into individual jobs and should list the most recent first, going backwards in time so that your first position is listed last in the segment. If your responsibilities changed within a company, e. For roles outside of the oil and gas industry give minimal details unless they will enhance your application, e.

Put the most detail into your most recent positions. If you can, list all your jobs for the past 20 years. Each job description should start with a summary of the main duties and responsibilities. Remember to refer back to your personal statement and expand on any experience you have mentioned there. Details of technical information to support each job description could include;. As Well Test Supervisor my responsibility was supervising the day to day well test operation on the rig including but not limited to: Drill ships Jack Ryan, water depth m, type of well heavy foamy oil Total: Drill ship Pride Africa, water depth m, type of well oil.

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Professional resume writing services specializing in the oil and gas industry. Expert oil and gas resume writers help develop a custom oil and gas resume that get results for your jobs search.

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Our Resume Writers are experts in writing resume packages for all areas of the energy and oil and gas sectors across Demand Analysis, Drilling consultant, Efficiency Development, Auditing, Consultation, Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Expertise, Utility Analysis, Nuclear Maintenance Supervision, Oil and Gas Management, and Power Plant.

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Specialist CV writer and job coach with experience writing for, the oil and gas, petrochemical, petroleum, and power generation sectors. Oil & Gas Resume Samples What Should Your Oil & Gas Resume Look Like? Writing a resume is hard work — especially if you are starting with a blank canvas.

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CV Service Prices; Job Seeker Tools; Contact; CV Writing for Oil and Gas Jobs. Written by Lee Tonge, find us on Google+. Home Free Advice CV Types and Examples – CV Writing For Oil And Gas Jobs. If you’re looking for a new job in the oil and gas industry, you must make sure that you have the right CV. A role in this sector might need. Highly Personalised Oil and Gas CV Writing Service. We Create High Impact CVs & Resumes for On & Offshore Professionals. Buy Online Today.