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English Regents Critical Lens Essay


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What is a critical lens essay format?

The critical lens essay format: how to write a great paper
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Writing an English Regents Essay Task Essay can be simple as long you follow your teacher's instructions and read the exam's guidelines.

The Regents exam for English is conducted in four parts labeled: Task 1 through 4. For this exam, the number of essays can vary, depending on the new requirements for each school year. Nonetheless, at least one essay is written in one category that examines a student's ability to read, write and listen.

The categories are information and understanding, literary response and expression, critical analysis and evaluation and social interaction. Listen to your teacher's instructions and listen to the passage being read out loud or read it yourself. Take notes from the passage, speech, quote or piece of literature you're being tested on. Notes should focus on the facts presented in the piece, the plot, examples and the key elements: Create a short outline, if allowed, from your notes for the essay you're writing.

Format your outline in three main sections: Include a thesis statement and briefly list points showing how you'll support it in the introduction. List the main points that strengthen the thesis and support your points by adding details and examples in the body. The conclusion section should close your essay, restate your thesis and summarize your main points. Re-read the passage and your notes to make sure you've included the important information.

Your outline should give you a basic idea of how your essay will be formed. Write your essay according to the topic and guidelines you're given.

Structure it like your outline so that it has an introduction, body and a conclusion. Add the outline's information, explain each main point and include examples and details to support them. Remember that the general essay guidelines want you to show your understanding of information, reading comprehension, ability to interpret literary themes, and critically evaluating and analyzing passages.

State your thesis in the introduction. If the essay is persuasive, then state a point of view in your thesis and why it is correct.

These papers match in to the analytical paper family members but are generally distinctive within the sense that 1 is analyzing a quote instead of an viewpoint or crafted concept. The physique paragraphs are generally used to implement the selected literary references and clarify how they defend the writers thesis.

Lastly, the conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes all from the supporting arguments crafted in the literary references. Let us closely examine every individual part.

First things first, 1 should discover a significant quote that they are generally willing to analyze. This ought to not be just any quote in the text, but 1 that holds significant value for the paper itself also as 1 that has produced a universal impact. After finding 1 of these golden quotes, the author should interpret the quote in such a way that makes sense to them.

After providing a valid interpretation, the next step would be to decide whether or not they agree or disagree with this quote. Finally, the intro ought to be concluded with a brief explanation of how the thesis will be supported; 1 should present the literary references which will be used to assistance the argument.

In regards to choosing a side to defend, 1 should be extremely meticulous in choosing between the two sides. Though 1 may tend to personally agree with the quote, the literary references they discover might show to become much more effective for the opposition. In other words, the decision that is made ought to be primarily based around the very best possible resources that can be discovered. If 1 can choose a side to defend whilst also having great assistance, then that could be the ideal path to take.

The main objective from the physique paragraphs would be to fully show your current crafted assumption thesis as reality. In the topic sentence , the author should restate the thesis and make it relevant towards the outside literary reference or just try our business writing service.

The conclusion usually serves two main purposes; the first would be to restate the thesis and the second would be to summarize the supporting arguments produced within the physique paragraphs. Whenever restating the thesis, there is much more to become done than just paraphrasing an concept.

The goal here would be to make an overall conclusion: There are generally a few things that could be talked about. What conditions ought to be changed to switch the writers viewpoint from the quote? The reason why or the reason why not ought to these conditions be switched?

How would changing these conditions impact the rest of society? The goal here would be to write an overall concluding statement that leaves the reader satisfied, but still intrigued by your current final stage and curious enough to investigate and discover more. That is what makes a stellar outro! For instance, when the writers thesis talks concerning the evil behind greed, they ought to mention how Animal Farm instance source satires societies theoretical ideas in the actions that they really take.

In Animal Farm, the whole idea was to write a completely equal society of farm animals but, in actuality, a group of animals decided to greedily get much more for themselves and less for everyone else. Because this decision was made primarily based on a psychological flaw known as greed, the author can use this piece of context as evidential assistance.

After creating the topic sentence, 1 should clarify its significance as shown within the paragraph above.

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How to write a critical lens 9. If one paragraph is too long, you can break it up into smaller paragraphs. Your second paragraph should follow the same order, except writing about the other text. Your conclusion should sum up what you've written and tie up loose ends. Restate your thesis and how the texts you selected proves it briefly.

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For the critical lens essay, present the lens in your thesis and state your position. Summarize your interpretation and why you agree or disagree in the introduction and mention the two pieces of literature you'll be analyzing to explain your reasoning.

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Below there is a sample of a critical lens essay that may be referred to during the preparation for the English Regents. Critical lens essay example for English Regents Human life is a constant alternating between success and failure. View Notes - Writing a Critical Lens Essay from ENGLISH LA English 9 at Valhalla High School. Writing a Writing Critical Lens Essay ELA Regents ELA Session Two Part B Task 4 Your Task: Write a.

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Previous Regents ; Listening Passage; Short Responses ; Critical Lens Essay Outline. Click the purple link for: *More practice on the Critical Lens Essay. Critical Lens Essay Sample. Outline. Introduction: After interpreting the quote and defining key words, then interpret the quote in your own words. What is a critical lens essay? Student years are probably the happiest time in people’s life. However, there are some complications that can spoil this time and make it not as happy as it supposes to be. A perfect variant for inspiration for critical lens essay writing is to pick some famous quotes and analyze them critically to explore.