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Service Assignments: Tackle the New Challenges of Battlefield 1

Long-Term Assignments

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Short-Term Assignments

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No because there are weapon assignments which encourage you to use underused weapons which require some skill to use. I'm glad there is an 8.

Although some of these spec challenges will add a bit of explosive spam, there will be others which require good aim etc. Forcing them to use weapons they are most likely avoiding isn't going to up their usage. The ones that could be bothered to complete the assignments will pick up said weapons, use them until the assignment is complete - and have a miserable time while doing so - and drop it right after, just like always. People haven't found a hidden love for the MP optical, or A slug, or what have you.

Forcing them to use weapons they don't like in order to get something they may or may not like is idiotic. If they like the unlocked weapon, they'll stick with it and forget about the rest.

If they don't, then it'd all have been for nothing. They'll curse, complain, and go back to the weapons they like. Either way, the fate of the weapon you had to use is the same. Using a weapon that requires some skill is not torture. The assignments wouldn't be challenges if they involved getting kills with the most popular weapons in the game like the Sweeper or Hellriegel which are incredibly easy to use. I thought people wanted progression. Using the Model 8. It will just be a normal challenge but won't cater to casuals.

Using any weapon is a matter of preference moreso than stats. If more people liked the 8. People use the weapons they're more comfortable with, period. I will repeat myself: Tying new content to tasks like that is idiotic because it forces people to use things they don't like in order to get something else, and that's frustrating and unfun.

It's even worse because there's no guarantee they'll like the weapon they unlocked either. Moreover, the content is already paid for. It would suck for fewer people because these are popular weapons, but they aren't unanimity by any means.

It's locking weapons behind senseless busy work, putting unnecessary hurdles between the players and something they want to try out. And this is anything but.

It's nothing but a way to inflate game time by making people do silly tasks in order to get something. If they want progression, they could very well make the weapons available right away and create challenges using them. Make the reward a medal or skin, or whatever. But challenges to get them are terrible. No sane person would complain if to unlock a skin for the MG14 you had to destroy 2 planes using it.

It's a retarded task, but one that's optional. Again, we're almost one year into the game's life. Whoever likes any given weapon has already settled on it.

Forcing them to use something else just because is NOT going to wake in them a newfound admiration for something they already decided not to use, simple as that. It's not a problem with the 8. That excuse is almost as bad as the practice of locking paid content behind challenges. How much of a casual anyone is has no bearing whatsover on their right to enjoy the content they paid for.

Saying to anyone that "you have to be this good to use this weapon" is idiotic beyond measure. Using things is this game, especially DLC items, is not a matter of merit, period. Anyone who paid for it must have it, end of story. The challenges are not torture despite how insanely stubborn the community is to use different weapons.

How frustrating and unfun can this possibly be? They aren't even bad weapons. You could complete this in around 3 games and don't act like it would be complete hell to do, it's really not that agonizing. I don't care about increasing weapon usage at this point. To do that you need to balance and spread good information. However the fact many challenges require using underused weapons is what makes them interesting challenges with variety. You can't make challenges fun from easy tasks that require easy weapons; they're not challenges because they can be done passively without any thought.

Weapon assignments are incredibly rewarding because they give you weapons. No one will care about doing any challenges with that weapon afterwards. Skins for DLC weapons will always be in battlepacks and no one cares about medals or dog tags. A lot of the weapons in this game are quite similar so ''settling on a weapon'' doesn't mean that using another will always require you to play in misery.

If you play a good amount of a class you should be able to use a random gun in that class. You aren't going to have to completely change the way you play. Most weapon assignments are so trivial, if you're complaining about them being so tedious, I can't believe you.

BTW I don't think destroying 2 planes with the Madsen trench is a good idea. Now that's tedious, not getting 50 kills with a weapon. For someone who doesn't like any given weapon, having to use it to unlock another one is the antithesis of fun. If I don't like a certain weapon, no amount of good stats will make me have fun using it. It's not hard to understand. It all boils down to people wanting to tell other people what they should be using, or what they should be doing.

It WON'T make people like stuff they dislike all of a sudden. At this point in time, people have ALREADY experienced the variety you seem to want to impose, and found out what matches their playstyle. It's not the content of the challenges that's the issue, though some of them are balls to the wall retarded. It's the act of locking relevant content - paid content, which is doubly bad - behind said challenges.

It splits people into haves and have nots. That's the thing I take issue with. And I don't care about challenges. If you want challenges, you may as well create them yourself, set personal goals. How frustrating and unfun could this possibly be?

For all I care, DICE could implement a mission creator, so players such as yourself could set challenges without having to force them upon people like me, that just want to play the game, have fun, and use new things every now and then without having to do what basically amounts to fetch quests.

They are rewarding for some and frustrating for the others. And people VERY MUCH like their medals and skins, hence the introduction of ribbons, the obligatory "change the medal system" weekly thread, the overhauling of the BP system, the threads asking for character customization Hence, they can be locked behind silly tasks and no one will complain.

Those who want to do it will do, those who doesn't won't really be missing anything. Then it also brings nothing new to the table, rendering the whole exercise futile. If I want to change up my weapon or plastyle, I will do out of my own volition, not because someone on the other side of the planet decided that to get my money's worth of content I have to kill planes with MGs. Ask anyone who unlocked the Ribeyrolles how they felt about that. Or if they feel like using the MP Optical ever again.

Chances are most people hated the assignment and the weapon. Same with that swedish shotgun with a funky name. Also, play a good amount is another good point. Now, for the Nth and hopefully last time: It puts unnecessary barriers between people and something they already paid to enjoy. It's just forcing people to do busy work for no good reason. If changing people's playstyle and forcing them to try new things is your point, it'll fail because it's forcing.

They can very much do that out of their own will, and that's the only way it'll really stick. If it won't make any significant changes, then the entire "challenge system" is pointless.

I'm for simplistic challenges and they are tolerable no matter how bad you are. You do it once and that's it. Killing 2 planes with the Madsen trench is a joke so it's being changed, but anyone can get through 50 kills with any primary just fine regardless if you are a potato or an expert. It's seriously not worth complaining about unless the challenges require too much luck. This is not too stressful still, it comes with play. If people are as reluctant as you say they are to step out of their weapon comfort zone, perhaps they should just be bothered with the maps.

Forcing people to use weapons is not idiotic because no weapon will ever be undesirable enough to make challenges an intense struggle. You don't have to be amazing to use a weapon effectively and get kills with it, most weapons don't require much skill anyway.

Simply complaining about having to briefly use a weapon you don't like won't convince DICE to change challenges. They know you are more than capable of completing them because people who buy DLC and want the new weapons are experienced with the game.

If you don't have weapons assignments people will complain about there being a lack of a progression system. It's DICE's easy way of getting people to play and strive for something strongly desirable without making it too stressful for the average player.

Uhh cod players don't even bother doing assignments, you know they only use the hellriegel and model 10a hunter, so if you're NOT one of them you'll have an easy time if just one of them decides to drop their favourite gun and use something else.

Any of these might force a player to play in a manner which will hinder the squad and the team. The player should earn these specialists without having to sacrifice a win. Or sacrificing having actual fun. This is why players are going to need to adapt. Who knows you could make the RG more effective than the syringe.

You might kill a few enemies and therefore prevent your squad from dying. People seem to forget that there are disadvantages and advantages to gadgets.

I'm assuming you were talking about the rifle grenade task, if not what will "hinder the squad". The general playerbase is quite stubborn; people use the same guns and gadgets. It's not like everyone is going to run the rifle grenade anyway as some people may ignore this challenge and carry on with the syringe.

WHY especially when we are at such a stage in the game where people are heavily adapted to and aware of how to avoid death by gas grenade. Do you want Scouts shooting at planes all day? Because that's how you get Scouts shooting at planes all day. Just delete this entire one. I mean, seriously, you have this one listed as a medic challenge. If this isn't a typo, you aren't looking for constructive criticism, you're looking for I'd really love to get involved with voicing a more respectful opinion, but when you pitch shit like this It isn't worth being nice about.

BUT if the ones I listed make it into the game above, I think these proposed changes are awful. I've been highly critical of Battlefield 1 in particular, it's just - between trade-kills when we were tradekilling at point blank , the non fix for operations, the spawn system, the fudging of the netcode, redundant revisions and exchanges while other skins are left in the dark You guys just continue to lose my respect more and more.

It's becoming easier and easier to dehumanize DICE and the DICE staff with their terrible handling of this game, and not care about who these words hurt. I'm not going to look it up, but my guess is that many of these could be skip. But, I do agree most of these sound awfully frustrating. Well, that's just objectively false. The field gun is extremely powerful againsnt vehicle and infantry.

The flak guns are easy kills on planes. The fortress guns, while limited in where they can attack, are free kills on whatever is in that range. There's also the howitzer in TSNP, which if you get a hold of might as well be a free pass to have the challenge.

There's also the explosive MG's on Giant's Shadow, which tear the fuck out of everything just like the bomber and flanker. The only thing this might be true for is the HMGs, which have some weird aiming on consoles. However, they aren't garbage, just a little underwhelming. You certainly can easily hop on a HMG and pull off a few kills no problem though. Given you have some legitimate criticism here, not sure why you felt the need to pad it with horseshit.

There's enough truly bad ones like 25 vehcile kills with HE rifle grenades, both something medic should not be encouraged to run and something that can't even kill and armoured car with all of the ammo. Well, yes, field guns, flak guns, and fortress guns are very much useful. But if you're going for this challenge, you don't have the opportunity to use these anywhere near as frequently as you do just regular HMGs, which is where my ire with the challenge is.

Remember, the field guns, flak guns, and fortress guns have very specific positioning that often does not intersect with common infantry patterns of navigation, so you have an automatically diminished ability to use these to complete the challenge. Flak guns don't need positioning to see infantry. They are scattered all over the maps and have views to shoot down aircraft over masisve chunks of the maps. They are nice easy source of free stationary kills when you happen to see aircraft up and be at a base with one.

Field guns are placed almost as frequently as HMGs, as frequently in some cases like parts of St. Quentin, and have identical defensive positioning to HMGs that always overlook something useful. Fortress guns usually only have view of one flag, but they have good overview of it and can kill whatever may be on that flag. And again, HMGs are not garbage. They just have some goofy sensitivity, but are more than capable of killing. They are only useless on vehicles where the aiming mixed with the driver's movement makes them awful.

It's really not that bad. Maybe you're garbage at stationary weapons, but that doesn't mean the rest of the players on your platform are. It doesn't specify that you have to repair another person's vehicle, just repair in general.

So repairing a vehicle in the driver's seat probably would count. These are actually pretty bullshit. Decreasing the number of vehicles to destroy would make it better. And the armored car one seems to specific, why not just vehicles in general. Well they don't have to be in the plane now do they?

Many pilots bail, and they're quite easy to take out on the ground. So there's these things called AA guns. This challenge is easy, it will just take some time. You say to delete this one because it has nothing to do with the class the perk is rewarded to.

Even though you could argue the next 2 challenge sets and the one before it don't either. Do remember that grenades count as explosives. So this challenge would be very easy. Hey I'm annoyed that DICE really wants us to bayonet people so badly too, but a it's optional, you only have to do 5 of the 6 challenges in a set, b it's not that difficult to get bayonet kills, and c it's a lot easier to kill bayonet chargers now.

The only real issue I see here is that many players haven't unlocked the weapon yet. But once again, it's optional. You only have to do 5 of the 6 challenges in a set. Only 3 of the challenges you listed were really bad. A few were laughably easy. Despite some of the challenges being ludicrous, tedious, or extremely difficult, there's really only one of those per set.

I honestly can't find one challenge set up there where I could say it would be impossible to finish just 5 of the challenges. Now if you had to do all of the challenges you might be justified in your anger. So you'd just skip the shitty ones. It's good to be critical but make sure it's fair criticism. I agree that the game hasn't been handled as well as I'd like, but I'm also realistic and know that developers aren't perfect.

DICE seem like they're trying, and they actually do listen to players' feedback. I fully acknowledge that I'm being an ass. I'm just tired of seeing changes I dislike. I know, that's an entitled sense and all, but I'm allowed to disagree with changes.

Besides, the whole "5 of 6" thing? Why not just design five reasonable challenges instead of giving us the illusion of choice, when one choice is obviously going to be frustrating and skipped. There is no real choice there. There's no point to including dumb challenges just to give us the option to skip them. It just doesn't make sense. Destroying armored cars with limpets. Do they have to be occupied? Or can I just run up to one on the A flag of empires edge and throw a limpet?

I can find two, but even then they're not that bad:. I can find two, but even then they're not that bad. Just look at the "Dependable Veteran" list: The very idea of locking game changing stuff behind assignments is idiotic. It simply locks people out, since not everyone will have the time, dedication or even skill to pull some of that shit off. Some of them are unfun as hell. All of it comes off as a poor attempt to somehow keep people playing by inflating the game with hot air, since it's a minimal amount of content - the Specs - behind a rather large amount of grinding.

More of the same for no tangible prize. The fact that they are trying to add it NOW when there's much, much more pressing matters just runb salt in the wound. They are failing to recognize what their customers want, or they simply don't care. Whatever one is true doesn't matter, since the result is the same: I was interested in Specs before, because they seemed cool, despite all despites.

But if THAT is the way they're going about it, it's better to scrap this shit altogether and move whoever is working on it to fix some lighting issues, work on anticheat, make coffee or whatever. It'll be a better use of their time. It's a slight overreaction, but nonetheless isn't far from the reality of how BF1 regularly performs on a daily basis. This chore list of tedious tasks doesn't make anything that much better in game sadly.

It'll just bring more inconsistencies to matches. They always ignore the small details with these assignments, which could make some of these challenges go from bad to good enough or good to great if they didn't.

Dude your sarcasm makes it clear your as tired of the shit these devs do as me. Im seriously lmao right now. We cannot see your userprofile and all your comments are removed by the webside. What should I be checking? Ill gladly fix anything that needs fixing, however.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hello friends and Alex, Many of you have now had the chance to test some of the Specializations that we're releasing with "In the Name of the Tsar". Please let us know what you think of them: Jojje "Indigow n d" Dalunde. Want to add to the discussion? This is the 3rd time it's happened. Is it a glitch or am I missing something? Case in point, "Destroy 25 vehicles with rifle grenades" DICE, what are you doing?

As a medic, i already run with smoke grenades - no need to have the Battlefield be a huge smokin' mess ; It seems the community has covered the main issues with the current requirements so I won't repeat them. Let me know what ya'll think about the suggestions above, Cheers. My platoon is called selfless ones- so I love the name! Everything else looks pretty doable to me.

They really need to be available to all players and not behind unlocks. Please don't make us do circus tricks.

Is it just XP? We demand equal and fair treatment! The following tasks are either tedious, too random, or downright annoying, the opposite of fun in all cases: It's like the devs do not play their own game. I can only understand their introduction because of diversity and some players may like them. It's not supposed to be easy, right? Looking forward to it. In a round, repair vehicles for damage. I'm all for repairing vehicles, but is too high. During my experience trying to repair tanks, they will drive off and leave me to die thank you auto repair in tank.

Players will be lucky to get repair points legitimately Destroying tanks with crossbow launcher HE, I mean this is ridiculous, if they did more damage sure but not as they are now Destroying vehicles with rifle grenades HE, another one that leaves me shaking my head, why add this? This doesn't promote team play at all. Again if it did more damage, sure, but they don't do much at all.

Headshot a pilot with a single action rifle, please no Agree with others who said the sawtooth knife challenge shouldn't be in there because some players have had bad luck in getting pieces These next assignments include tasks that I know you've heard negative feedback from the community about, these parts of the game that most players do not like but you push players to keep doing them, I am not following you guys with these: Bayonet charge kills, here come more and more 1 foot bayonet charges that you have no chance of getting away from which frustrates players 50 gas nade kills, another item that most players do not like and find annoying, please no.

I agree with the rest though. People don't mind "grinding" for rewards, but some of these are just asinine. You are setting yourself up for failure here. Perks are cheesy is COD, but at least everyone has access to the same cheese. If you need that filler to keep you engaged, your're probably playing the wrong game. Ah, and charged syringe kills Hero classes with one hit: Repair vehicles for in a round - that one is quite optimistic, to put it mildly.

While it should be doable, I can see it requiring being fully glued to vehicles all round long and hoping that drivers at least don't get in the way. If you want a hard task from that department, would already be enough. Weapon that hardly is a serious threat to a tank is supposed to destroy it by a mix of sheer luck, driver's lack of awareness, kill stealing and abusing the game mechanics.

I suggest switching that task to dealing a certain amount of damage to vehicles with Xbow ? Destroy 25 Armored Cars with Limpet Mines - that would require finding an enemy armored car that won't be insta-ruined by a rocket gun. There simply isn't enough targets. Switching the task to 25 vehicles would make more sense. More than 1, midshipmen in the Class of learned Thursday the path of their military career following graduation.

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More than 1, midshipmen in the Class of learned of their service assignments Thursday, determining the direction of the military career following graduation.

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Service Assignments will launch in two categories called “Getting Started” and “Staying Focused”. The former contains 5 Assignments featuring 5 challenges in each. They are loosely focused on the four main classes, with the fifth Assignment being a more general selection of challenges. Learn how to unlock Specializations and other rewards by completing Service Assignments in Battlefield 1.

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With the introduction of Service Assignments, we hope to create a better on-boarding experience for new players. Battlefield 1 is a very complex game with a big breadth of content and playstyles. It can sometimes be overwhelming for new players to take it all in. Hopefully the Service Assignments will act as a guiding beacon on where to start. Need help in your assignment! Our writers are ready to help you immediately through assignment help service. Have your essay and rock!