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01. Start It Right

❶To create a Receptionist Resume that will win you the interview, be sure to focus on your unique set of skills, including your software knowledge, such as Microsoft Word and Excel; any accounting skills you have; and any relevant administrative skills that relate to the position you are applying for. Many employers still print out a hard copy, usually on a desktop inkjet printer.

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Use colors that will reflect your brand and pop for the reader. A resume should be as short as possible while also including the best and most important highlights of your career. Rather than wasting white space to list employers and accomplishments sequentially down the pages, a column layout can be used to help organize information. An infographic approach is one way to pack in necessary information in a visually appealing way. Your best work and most impressive clients should pop from the page.

A sidebar is a great place to list achievements and successes. For instance, flat, colorful designs are currently a popular trend in just about every type of design, from websites to apps. Your resume design will tell your potential employers if you're up to date with your sense of style.

For some professions, a simple change in page orientation to landscape can help you stand out in the crowd. Nothing shows a designer's eye like flipping the standard around and creating a whole new look. Be prepared to send your resume in several formats. PDF and Word are by far the most common, but be ready when you need a different file type such as text. Even if you feel as though no one will read it, make sure that you include a cover letter along with your resume.

Those who do read your cover letter are the ones who genuinely care about what it says. Your cover letter could make the difference in a hiring decision, as it can reiterate the important information from your resume and allow you to speak in a more personal tone to the reader.

In addition, creating a cover letter makes a statement about your overall approach to job search efforts. Using the right resume template could be the difference between landing on the top or bottom of the potential hires stack. Browse our most popular resume templates and approach your job search with confidence. Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises.

To be fair with you, I don't think everyone should have one of those stylish resumes, full with icons, colourful and so on. Obviously it needs to stand out, but I believe the emphasis should be put on the content you want to sell. If I would apply for a job at a bar I wouldn't leave there a CV full of colour. Resume Example Human Resource Managers provide an essential function at every organization.

HR Managers maintain and organize employee records, are in charge of recruiting practices, manage benefits administration, and address employee relations issues. Following this Human Resource Manager Resume example, your Resume should include your unique set of HR skills, such as hiring and retention knowledge, compensation and payroll duties and administration, knowledge of labor laws, employee records management, training, and interpersonal employee relations skills.

View Human Resource Manager Resumes. Create my Resume Registered Nurse: Resume Example Registered Nurses are highly skilled professionals who are essential to the success of medical teams and organizations. Registered Nurses assess patient health needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Using this excellent Registered Nurse Resume example as a guide, your Registered Nurse Resume should highlight your relevant skills such as patient care, vital sign assessment, medication administration, phlebotomy, IV management, and specimen collection.

Take your Registered Nurse Resume to the next level by including your education and certifications, including what regions you are licensed to work in. View Registered Nurse Resumes. Create my Resume Call Center Representative: View Call Center Representative Resumes. Create my Resume Office Assistant: Resume Example Office Assistants provide organizational support by performing a wide range of duties and responsibilities.

These often include basic accounting services, filing, sorting, inventory management, mailing, and calendar scheduling. This Office Assistant Resume example focuses on these skills and includes the number of years of experience in this area, any specializations or certifications earned, and level of education. View Office Assistant Resumes. Create my Resume Web Developer: As a web developer, you will want your resume to show how many years of experience you have in this field, your technical coding skills, design skills, as well as what types of software you are familiar with.

Take your Web Developer Resume to the next level by providing your industry experience in your Summary statement or within your Work Experience section.

View Web Developer Resumes. Create my Resume Civil Engineer: Resume Example Civil Engineers are professionals skilled in planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings, structures, roads, bridges, pipelines, and water and sewage systems. This Civil Engineer Resume example is an outstanding model of how to highlight your education and engineering skills along with your project management skills and specific construction knowledge.

Stand out from other jobseekers by showcasing your major engineering projects and your unique set of civil engineering skills, such as pipeline management, erosion and sediment control techniques, or land development planning. View Civil Engineer Resumes. Hi Wilson Lau, we are so happy you are enjoying our content!

If this article was useful and you found your Resume, chances are you need your Cover Letter as well. LiveCareer has hundreds of cover letter examples that can help inspire and guide you as you create your own standout document.

LiveCareer also offers professional letter samples for countless workplace situations, including resignation letters, thank you letters, recommendation letters, and more. I will be proud to submit this to any potential employer.

I could not have done this without your professional help and guidance. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. Free Resume Builder Get the resume you need to land the job! Pre-Written Bullet Points Make resume writing simple with s of job-specific bullet points created by our experts. Download, Print, and Send!

Get Expert Tips on How To Write A Resume A great resume can change your job search and put you on the fast track to landing the interview and getting hired.

02. Space It Out

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Your resume tells the story of how far you've come. Make your reader compelled to read it until the end with the help of modern and dynamic type sets suggested by Canva.

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