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❶We're just over a year old but quickly developing into a warm, friendly community.

Looking for information about online writers' groups? Look no further!

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My primary location-independent business is Nomad Editorial, offering writing coaching and editing services, so I heartily agree that writing and editing offer the perfect opportunity to be location independent! I really have no more to add to the conversation in terms of how awesome this is.

So, kudos for finding a unique topic to write about as well as some awesome suggestions for new Facebook groups to check out! Very fortunate to be part of the Writers Bucket List group. I definitely recommend the email list since the group is closed. Extremely useful list, Kelly! Kudos to you for doing such great research. This is a free but closed group, you will have to ask to join. We have several talented writers from aspired authors up to seasoned professionals.

We have published two anthologies so far, and submissions are being accepted for the third. We support one another through Facebook, Twitter snd other social media, as well as Goodreads. I checked out their website and facebook fan page though Thanks, Kristina.

Thanks very much for this great list of groups — very helpful. Great post, as usual, full of good information. My FB writing page features prompts that can be used for writing. Can you tell me. Oh, I guess I should post my info. Since blog is newly born.

I welcome feedback for improvement. Thanks so much for including Write on Online in your list! Welcome to all the new members who found us here. Interesting list — not come across pay-to-access groups on Facebook before. I thought I would also add my group to the list Marketing for Authors. At nearly members, we are a community of writers, editors and publicists that share information with each other on the tricky aspect of marketing our books.

Every post is vetted by a team of amin so the main page is spam free and book plug free. Businesses offering a service can place a permanent advert in our Business Directory within the group. No fees to join. We have an exclusive group webinar coming up in November, as well as a developing resource directory of lists and links. Come and have a look: Hello hello and thanks to Kelly for including Hungry Entrepreneurs on this list!

Please feel free to call me directly at three one two — eight five seven — three two seven three or email annie at hungryentrepreneurs. I did want to clarify one thing about our gang. We pride ourselves on our diversity — of industry, of expertise and of experience. Excited to make all of your acquaintance! I have a book promotion group on Facebook called Ready to Read … https: Posts related to anything more will be deleted.

This is not a group to ask for likes shares, etc. Here are the results, in no particular order: Calls for Submissions More than 42, members must be onto something. Indie Author Group One of the bigger communities of indie authors and self-publishers with a focus on fiction , this group is a great place to get advice, air your grievances and find lesser-known authors.

We Blog…A Blogging Community A great place for bloggers to connect, share ideas and find new readers by promoting their own blogs. Blogging Boost Another group chock full of advice, resources and support for bloggers, this group limits self-promotion to Mondays only, which helps save your feed from over-saturation. Kelly Gurnett Kelly Gurnett runs the blog Cordelia Calls It Quits and is growing her own freelance writing, editing and blogging empire day by day.

Featured resource Business For Authors. September 27, at 9: May 1, at 5: September 27, at September 30, at 5: February 26, at 7: September 27, at 4: September 29, at 3: July 18, at July 22, at 5: Amy Scott, Nomadtopia says: September 29, at September 30, at 8: October 1, at October 2, at October 2, at 4: Having experienced on HubPages how widespread article theft is on the internet, I wouldn't be posting any part of my novel on the open internet until it's ready for publication!

I had not heard of most of these. Nano is another good one--National Novel Writing Month sponsors. The cost element deters a lunatic fringe you find on Authonomy. There is also no competition on the site, as the main aim is for writers to critique other writers, not vote for them.

There is also a mine of useful information about markets on it from members or in their archives. You provided a great deal of information. I was wondering how I could get someone to critique my work apart from Squidoo. I plan to look at those top ranked sites you mentioned. Writing is an important skill so I want to do my best. Hey, you totally missed ScribeSlice. Wow, there is no shortage of places to add and receive critiques.

This looks like an excellent way to improve writing skills. Thanks for the great list. There is a huge list of online writing groups. Thanks everyone for your comments. Glad you found the list useful, and hope you find a group that suits your needs! An active and responsive user base ensures a vibrant dialog about all things writerly and fantastical, plus feedback on posted WIPs and stories. Definitely worth a look see.

I'm looking for writer's group to critique my writing abilities and offer wise suggestions to a beginner writer. Emma, my blog might fit in with your list. I'm soliciting short submissions that I'll critique. Me and a few others just recently created a online writers community called 'Readers Writers Notebook' which we are only beginning to advertise about.

It consists of a Forum for you to talk with other writers, a page filled with book reviews, and a great Blog with tons of helpful inspiration advice. It's more specifically routed to fit the needs of teens so please check it out! Glad everyone is finding this list so useful! Hope you're all finding great groups to be a part of: Thank you so much for this article, I've been looking for some good websites to join and Critique Circle sounds good! You're definitely a talented writer.

I very much enjoyed this Lens, and I thank you for grouping all these writing groups together in one place for our your readers reference. Keep up the good work! Research how to get an agent, how to get published, what sites will help you with writing. Try a few of the sites mentioned here. Be serious about writing. Search the Internet for writing competitions for young writers, get your writing published poems, short stories, what not.

Start small and get bigger. Read everything you can get your hands on, especially books in the genre you want to write in. Understand that it's not easy. Keep writing and writing and writing. I hate it for that fact, but if you're willing to devote a lot of time for a week or two, then you might win a contest and get an awesome prize, like a chat with an author.

This is the only reason I like the site is for the contests, but I thought I would mention it. I think it is mostly comprised of younger writers, too. Thank you so much for sharing this. You missed one of the oldest and biggest online writing and critique groups - TheNextBigWriter.

Great to see the right kind of motivation to writing.. Thanks for all the info. I didn't know there were all these options online! You're awesome for wanting to give writing a serious try.

Here are my suggestions. Take any writing classes you can - either in your school, summer classes, go away to "writing camps," etc. If you have a choice of high schools, choose one with a strong writing program. See if you can attend a local writers' conference or meetings of a local writers' group. Do an internet search for "writers' group" and your state to find them. You'll probably need an adult to go with you, but attending these conferences is by far the best way to make contacts and see what the industry is really like.

Start a writing group with other writers at your school, even better if you can make it "official" and have a teacher or a local writer as a mentor. Do an internet search for "kid's writing contests" and enter one or more http: Be prepared to face some rejection, though.

Also, don't hesitate to ask me more questions, you can click on my picture at the top of this site and then press the "Contact" button on my profile page. Hey I am 12 years old and I have a dream of becoming an author, I have been writing since I was 5 and have had 1 of my stories read out to a class, any advice on how to be a published author would be greatly appreciated: Thanks for publishing this helpful list.

I appreciate the time and energy involved to hunt down all these resources. To help aspiring authors discern between "helpful" fiction critiques and "harmful" fiction critiques, I've written 2 articles about how to give and interpret feedback for a fiction manuscript. I invite fiction writers to visit my website, http: You'll find the links on the navigation bar, under "Story Critiques and Book Coaching.

This is absolutely fantastic advice! There are plenty of reasons that other writers might not agree with your work, and it doesn't necessarily mean your work is bad. The hardest part is learning to be objective, and understanding when a critique is a personal preference or an actual flaw. This is also the reason that it can take some time going through potential publishers to find the one that sees your vision, and also why people turn to self-publishing when they want to share a vision that others don't agree with.

Writing groups are a great way to get good feedback on your own writing, as well as get tips and tricks for the trade. A trick I'd like to share to authors is that every reviewer of your writing has a different style. Don't be put out if you get one or two people who dislike your main character, or don't like how you worded your favorite part of the story.

It just didn't click with them. It's probably just fine. Now, if you get 3 people who say something needs to be changed, then it is something you should start looking into. They might be on to something that will make your story even better. Ok, I became a fan! What a great list of sites. I'll look forward to getting to know one or two of them and reading more from you, too. This is a truly wonderful compendium and a needed resource for folks!

You've really done a fabulous job in coordinating and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various sites. I commend you on the depth and breadth of your knowledge! I just bookmarked this lens for future use. Online writers' groups seem like a great way to grow as a writer. This is a wonderful lens and some great ideas for writers.

I had no idea there were so many writers' groups out there! This list is a great resource for writers. The Writer's Beat and Composite Minds are two groups that definitely accept poetry; I think there are a few others on the list as well.

It would have helped to know if there were any good poetry critiquing groups out there. I'm currently a member of critiquecircle.

I had seen your article about groups that physically meet but I missed this one -- there are so many more choices when you aren't restricted to a certain geographic area. I'm not ready to join a group right now, but I know I'll need to find a critique group in future. I'm bookmarking this list for later. We aim to provide a small community where nobody gets lost amidst the crowd. Where there are unbiased, constructive critiques on your writing. Admins regularly review members too so you are always guaranteed a critique.

We also offer a free online writing course called 'Dead on the Page' which goes through the many faults and traps writers new and old fall into. The site is free of charge and has made a real change to the abilities and knowledge of many members. Check us out at http: You have a lot of great writers support groups listed here. But going beyond this, I would like see people commenting on their own experience with may their top 3 choices as to why then like each, and advantages and disadvantages of each.

May be a separate module for such discussion linked to this wonderful Lens you have created will be helpful. But for now, I will start by looking deeper to my top 4 picks from your introduction. Oh, I am a community tv producer and focusing on short stories as I read recently in the 60's and 70's some top movies were made based on short stories. Anyone know about this topic? We are a new writer's community you might be interested in. We launch in full on November 1st, but you are welcome to contact me and I can get you an early view at what we are doing.

The site is called Story Dam http: Quantum Muse is an online writer's group that also is a web zine. Each month's selections com form the critiqued submissions. A member earns one submission credit for every 3 stories critiqued.

This is specific to the science Fiction, Fantasy, abnd Horror genres. I'm all about nonprofit stuff too. If you haven't browsed my lens yet, please do, I think you'll like the topic and poll questions for my readers to enjoy.

Looks like a really interesting site! I've added it to the list, thanks for letting me know. Thank you for the excellent article! I run a website called storiesspace. We're just over a year old but quickly developing into a warm, friendly community. New members most welcome! Thanks for the tip! I've checked it out, and it definitely looks like one for writers to consider, especially if they're looking for the community aspect. What about WeBook www. I haven't joined the community, so I don't know much about it.

But I think it's worth looking into if one is seeking a writers' community. I was looking at your article because I decided I need to find a serious online writers' community that will offer advice and critiquing. I found webook through my own research. It allows authors an opportunity to link up with agents, and readers rate their work. I'm having trouble accessing the writing assistance site, so I can't say for sure if it will suit the reader's needs.

Let me know if the address is correct! Has anyone ever used writtingassistance. I found them both very helpful. Can never beat free lol. I found the website http: The administrator responded rather quickly. She actually taught me something instead of just doing it for me.

I had needed help writing an esay for a class website project. She helped me find sources and she helped me eek out a thesis and showed me how to stay on track. Thanks for putting together a comprehensive list - I haven't really joined writer's circles 'cos I didn't know which ones were good. Good luck with building a new writers' community! I've added it to the list. Hi Emma, I'd like to present Quilliant.

You can connect with other writers to form both real-world and online writing groups and have your writing promoted to thousands of readers and publishing decision-makers across the site - and millions beyond through social media plugins. I'm waiting for more information before I add this group.

They seem to be asking for a lot of personal information to join. Amazing Instant Novelist Revisited it is a facebook site, where people that want some feed back on their writing can find supportive critism. I like the comments that the authors from authonomy leave about my novels. I posted them there to see what people thought of my writing style. It encouraged me to keep writing more novels.

It's a very supportive community. Thanks for this lense, I have started writing blog fiction and its hard to find sites that are still live! See 27 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Most Popular Online Writing Groups. Which is your favorite online writers' group? Scribophile The Write Idea Writing. Composite Minds, Dreaming in Ink, Hatrack, and More Most of these are too new or too small to have received any votes yet.

New, Possibly Unloved Groups. Community Only Online Writing Groups: Fiction Non-Critiquing Writers' Groups Some communities are just for writers to get together, and don't really do critique. Directory of Defunct Writer's Groups In my search for writers' groups and critique groups, I came across several that either weren't being used any more or weren't accepting new users.

Making Money as a Writer. Making Money Writing Articles. How to Write Poetry. How to Write a Novel. What an awesome list, gonna keep me busy until the new year for sure. Thank you for sharing. I just looked for a writing group, this lens really help me. I will be looking into the critiquing group. I need some assistance on a paragraph I wrote, can someone help me? Great lens, good information, I think It will help me a lot.

Thanks so much for the lens. I'm a new writer and can use all the help I can get. Thank you for your clarification! I've added it above. Your description tense PAID site is grammatically off.

Glad to hear it! Looking forward to any additions you might find! I will come back and see if I can add a group. This gives me lots of places to explore! It will take me some time to research each one.


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