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This resource explores three vital elements to review when proofreading your work - flow, clarity and accuracy - and gives you a chance to learn about and apply some techniques to ensure that you check your work properly. This resource explores the principles behind referencing, highlighting why it is good academic practice. It outlines when and how you need to reference, and how to read a reference when following up a source listed on a reading list or bibliography.

This resource explores the process of critically appraising articles to make it easier to quickly decide which of the thousands of research papers are published every month you should spend your time reading. It will take you through the key elements of the early stages of your dissertation such as writing your research question and the objectives for achieving it. This resource will highlight some of the key stages in planning to write your dissertation.

It will also highlight some useful tools to help you along the way. This resource will give you an introduction to literature reviews. It will also give you advice on what a good literature should include, and how to prepare for writing your literature review. This set of resources introduces a number of powerful research tools you can use to get a range of business information. It includes practical demonstrations of the Fame company information , Passport market research and Factiva trade and industry news databases.

This resource explores some of the key features of EndNote online, which you can use to help you to manage your references and insert citations directly into your work. It includes video demonstrations that show you how to collect, organise and format your references. This resource explores the elements of a well presented and coherently structured CV, and illustrates how you can create a professional looking CV that will be easier for recruiters to read and make a positive first impression.

This resource highlights some of the key things you need to know about a role and an organisation before applying for a job, and provides some tips on where you can look to gather the evidence you need to make your application stand out.

This resource examines how you can use the information you have about a role to highlight relevant skills, experience and attributes in your CV, making it easier for recruiters to see how you fit the role you are applying for. Your CV is the first impression that a potential employer will get of you. These resources will take you through the process of researching the role to writing your CV; it will help you to produce a well-structured, tailored CV, that will highlight your relevant skills and experience.

This resource explores the process of evaluating the sources you find to ensure they are relevant and quality assured, equipping you with the skills you need to identify high-quality information to use in your academic work. This resource takes you through the process of analysing your assignment task to ensure that you're clear about what you're being asked to do, giving you some useful techniques to ensure that your work remains focused on directly addressing the question at hand.

This set of resources will demonstrate the process of performing a search on a number of database platforms. They each cover performing a search, refining your results and saving, emailing and exporting your results. Some of these resources are only available to University of Manchester students and staff. This resource introduces the different types of materials found in the Library's Special Collections, explaining what they are and how this valuable source of primary material spanning five millennia and covering a broad spectrum of subjects can be used to support your studies.

This resource highlights the strengths and weaknesses of different information types, enabling you to make informed decisions about the types of source you use for different purposes in your academic work. This resource explores Google, Google Scholar, subject databases and Library Search, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to enable you to make an informed choice when selecting where to search for information.

This resource highlights the benefits of using the web-based version of EndNote to manage your references, showing how you can save all of your references and making it easy to correctly format your citations and bibliographies in whichever style you need to use. This resource will introduce you to two different approaches to learning.

It will demonstrate how reframing your approach to challenges can have a positive impact on your life and make you a more successful learner.

This resource explores the purpose and process of writing an essay, highlighting how you can ensure that your themes run throughout your work, and that every section of your essay supports your argument to help your reader to understand your ideas.

This resource looks at the purposes and contexts in which you make notes. It also provides an overview of different note-making techniques and which purpose theses techniques are most effective for.

These two online resources will help you to understand the roots of your own personal procrastination behaviour, and explore a range of strategies that you can try out to help you to overcome it and start getting things done! This resource examines some of the practical strategies that you can use to help you to overcome your procrastination. This resource will help you to explore your own procrastination behaviour, and recognise how it is often rooted in certain negative thoughts and emotions.

This resource explores some of the issues surrounding academic integrity, providing you with techniques to help you to avoid plagiarism when referring to the work of others and to add your own voice into your work.

This resource explores the process of planning a search, highlighting some techniques you can use to refine your search to help you to get a manageable number of high-quality, relevant results to use in your work.

This resource takes you through the process of planning your presentation, giving you some useful techniques to ensure that your presentation remains focused on the requirements of your task and directly addresses the topic you're covering. In this resource we will explore what makes a good presenter and how can you use this to become a more confident when presenting.

These techniques will enable you to deliver your presentations in a way that will make your audience sit up and take notice! This resource outlines different visual tools you can utilise to create visual aids for your presentation. It explores the types of visual aids you can use and what to display on screen. It will give you some inspiration you can use to design your own slides. This resource explores key elements of producing a written report.

This Plan encourages students to concentrate on taking their own responsibility and on the development of their own skills. Having a global reputation for innovation and research, the University of Manchester is ranked the fourth in the UK by employers.

Since Manchester University degree is recognized worldwide, it provides with good professional opportunities in future. The University boasts of its collaborative links with public and industry services, its international research centers explore diverse global topics. The degree programs are career oriented, which makes it easier to adapt to professional life in the future and help you gain students relevant skills for their various life situations. Affiliate Program Refer our service to your friends!

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This university of resources will take geometry homework help through the writing process from start help finish and help you to produce a well-structured, coherent piece of work that writing the question, evidences essay own analysis and is easy for your help to follow.. This resource will explore the methods and descriptives essay can use manchester describe your data.

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This resource explores the purpose thesis writing services in pune process of writing an essay, university how you can ensure that your essay run throughout your work, and that every section of your essay supports your argument to help your reader manchester understand your services.

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